No fear of the change of season

Winter is coming and with it, in addition to the cold, in most countries that have seasonal changes, the tendency to get sick also increases.

Scientists have found several explanations:


Low sun exposure affects the concentration of vitamin D, producing a greater feeling of tiredness and mood disorders.
Cold and dampness contribute to numbness and contraction, thus leading to an increase in muscle and joint ailments.
Adipose tissue changes due to increased consumption of caloric foods.
The body has approximately 5136 climate-dependent genes that affect the Immune System.
Sleep cycles are altered.



All this undoubtedly increases the risk of getting sick.

However, it is easy to prevent the effects of seasonal changes.

The secret is still good habits!


Rest, exercise, a healthy diet and supplementation.

That's why people who take GlutActive® manage to feel so good in any season!

Because its advanced formula prepares and protects the body from all these changes, allowing your body to adapt and enjoy any season.

How do they do that?




GlutActive® Blue improves the immune response, avoiding the risk of infection. It constantly detoxifies cells, removing any toxins you may have been exposed to.



GlutActive® Ig increases antibodies, improves cell function and helps regulate the sleep cycle.


Together they are an unbeatable combination to combat the effects of changing seasons.

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