energy and vitality

Daily care set

The perfect combination

GlutActive® Blue + GlutActive® Ig

The powerful combination that will allow you to improve your immunity, energy and vitality!

Our daily care set is the most efficient combination of Bioactive Nutraceutical Complexes with glutathione on the market. 100% natural

Activate Your Health Now!

Take one tablet every morning of GlutActive® Blue. he dual effect of its formula with Glutathione, L-Cysteine, Acerola Berry, Resveratrol, Selenium, and Zinc, with which you will achieve:

        • More energy and vitality
        • Better physical performance
        • A toxin-free body
        • Less cellular aging

    You will feel more energetic and healthy!

    And at night, before going to bed, take one tablet of Glutactive® Ig. Its advanced formula with Colostrum, L-Cysteine, Melatonin, Resveratrol, and Vitamin D will allow you to:

          • Boost your immune system's defense.
          • Significantly improve your sleep.
          • Regulate your sleep cycle.
          • Regenerate your cells.
          • Improve digestive functions.
          • Maintain strong and healthy bones.

      It is a perfect combination that will activate your health at every level!

      Try the GlutActive® Daily Care Set today! To become healthier, younger, and more protected.

      Activate your health!

      An authentic effect in improving and maintaining your health.


      “100% recommended. Excellent product, it gives me a lot of energy and vitality during the day and with the Ig I rest much better during the night, before I woke up a little tired and this has helped me a lot. It far beats the other formulas I've tried, really very good!”

      Leonardo Trechi.
      Miami, FL

      “I love it! It has exceeded my expectations, the blue seems to be a fantastic vitamin supplement, and the Ig for sleeping, I thought it was super!”

      Margarita Sobeida.
      MIami, FL

      “Totally recommended!!!!. This is the best glutathione I have tried, I have taken many brands, and this is the most effective glutathione. The IG surprised me because I wake up with a lot of energy. Totally recommended!!!!.” 

      Jesus Ochoa.
      Los Angeles, CA

      "I work many hours a day and usually I would get very tired, then when I tried to sleep I would stare at the ceiling... I was recommended to take the Glutactive Set and the results have been incredible. I feel like I rest very well and maybe I have energy to do all the work I have to do during the day. Now I recommend it".

      Ivan A.
      United States

      "I wake up, take the blue, and take the gold when I sleep. I feel so good that I can't think of a
      day I don't stop taking my care set."

      Andres Molina.

      Who knew feeling good could be so simple? One tablet a day of each product has changed
      my life.

      Luis Rodriguez

      I sleep and rest better, and I feel extraordinary energy when I wake up.

      Monica Duran.

      I am in rehabilitation therapy after I had knee surgery. My therapist recommended these
      products, and I feel better after each session. I feel like I have progressed faster.

      A. Rivera

      I found the tablets to be fantastic. I noticed changes soon after I started taking them day and

      Criss Moreno

      When I wake up, I take a tablet of glutactive Blue, giving me a lot of energy all day. When I
      get home, I take a glutactive Ig pill and rest pleasantly.

      Mariana Alvarez.

      I started taking glutactive Blue and glutactive Ig, and I have noticed a positive change in my
      health, recommended.

      Sofia Ramirez

      I am 45 years old. After covid, I felt permanently tired. Since taking both glutactive products
      a week ago, my health has improved.

      Gloria Duarte

      The results of consuming glutactive blue and glutactive ig are excellent and recommended.

      Johan Pino.

      I am taking glutactive Blue and glutactive Ig, and now I feel great.

      Luis Alfonzo

      It's true! It's the perfect combination to improve your health.


      You need to try these products to believe how wonderful they are. I love my tablets.


      I thank God for allowing me to find these tablets. They have been a light on my health
      problem. God bless you.

      Maritza Pereira.