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Bring your body to life with GlutActive

Raimundo J. Santamarta D.

Pharmaceutical researcher of phytomedicinal substances, creator and industrial developer of Nutraceutical Bioactive Complexes such as GlutActive®.

Santamarta, with more than 45 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, maintains a constant motivation to offer his expertise at the service of others in achieving a long, entire, and dignified life with health.

In recent years, it has created successful nutraceutical products to protect the body through healthy cells and a strengthened immune system against oxidative damage, which consequently helps delay the aging process.


His research work, empathy, and dissemination of his knowledge in understandable messages have given him multiple recognitions and great business success. Their approaches are based on providing people with products that support, by adding them to a healthy lifestyle, to provide benefits of tranquility, health, happiness, and peace. And to the people who hope to be in life #EstarEnLaVida in a better and more dignified way".

In business and leadership, Raimundo Santamarta stands out as an example of constantly evolving in new developments, communicating successes, making positive changes in evolution, and better ways of living healthily.

Founder of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, such as SM Pharma and BioDose Pharma, powerful and accredited centers for the development and production of allopathic medicines with and without a prescription, as well as technological innovations in the field of nutraceuticals, in which patents are pending international laws for your invention protection.

For a good part of his life, Raimundo Santamarta suffered from health problems of the lymphatic system that were diagnosed as cellular dysfunctions and immunological deficiencies. Due to these conditions, he was susceptible to developing recurrent infectious diseases.

More than four decades in the pharmaceutical industry, developing and manufacturing all kinds of allopathic medicines were not enough for Santamarta to help you in finding a solution to your deficiencies in the body's defenses; a fact that motivated him to focus on his research and development on Nutraceuticals; specialty that refers to Phytomedicinal Therapeutics with agents and trace elements that nature provides us in plant foods, and that are essential for cellular and immune health.

Thus, at the head of a team of professionals in different chemical-pharmaceutical disciplines, the continuous study of advanced formulations has been maintained to provide support as an adjuvant in therapies for various pathologies.

One notorious example, among many, of the effectiveness of these nutraceutical novelties was that of Raimundo Santamarta himself when he suffered from COVID-19 in March 2020 under severe conditions for 58 days, in which 14 of them were hospitalized with special care. Even with the lack of crucial organs for the immune system, he managed to overcome the disease by asking the doctors to allow him to consume a Nutraceutical Bioactive Complex of his own creation. This was especially true amid the most challenging circumstances of the initial COVID treatments in the world at that time.

As a survivor of COVID-19 and with a complicated state of health, Raimundo Santamarta today offers his testimony of recovery and that of many others, highlighting that the key to defeating the disease lies in the regulation of the Immune System with the contribution of powerful antioxidants in Bioactive Nutraceutical Complexes and the intake of vegetables that provide a variety of antioxidant nutrients. It affirms it as the coadjuvant support scheme for treating any infectious and antiviral treatment.

At the time of infection, Santamarta added high-dose Glutathione supplementation to the treatment through the Bioactive Nutraceutical Complex developed, which led to confirming the hypothesis that the nutraceutical created inhibits viral replication and reduces lung inflammation. This fact allows the recovery of patients in just a few hours from the disease. 

Currently working on new developments based on glutathione, which is the most critical antioxidant produced in human cells, which decreases with advanced age, and it is essential to have optimal levels to enjoy good health and delay aging.

Raimundo Santamarta's entrepreneurial feat has given continuity to his tenacity, commitment, and great humanity and business vision. Currently, he continues to deepen his research at Bio Dose Pharma, working from different platforms to promote revolutionary products on a global scale in fast-acting formulas that help strengthen the immune system, reduce the risks of suffering from multiple diseases, as well as mitigate complications in moments of suffering.

"That the world ingests a daily dose of GlutActive® to protect cells and strengthen the body's natural defense system, it is for Raimundo Santamarta to be able to prolong youth, avoid the ravages of old age and increase life expectancy". Basically, he defines it as his motto with #EstarEnLaVida & praying to God and GlutActive® drinking.

My story 


My story is very rich in events; it all started at the age of 13, and it goes back to helping my parents in the production of charcoal, poultry farmers, fruit farmers, manufacturers of cooking spices, cleaning soaps, native solvents tanker, containers of natural therapeutic herbs, containers of antiseptic disinfectants for sale in pharmacies, elements of plastics and polymers for sanitary use, OTC pharmaceutical products, preparation of medicines of all pharmaceutical forms in antibiotics, analgesics, anesthetics, parenteral solutions, oncological products among many other more specialized ones.

In 2019, Santamarta began developing and creating Bioactive Nutraceutical Complexes with therapeutic capacity in multiple applications due to their characteristic of protecting and providing cellular health through cell detoxification and regulation of the immune response. Especially in these times when humanity began to suffer from the worst microbiological condition in the last 100 years, Raimundo Santamarta is where he most promotes his creativity and knowledge contribution in the search for universal health for a healthy world.