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About us

BioDose Pharma is a pharmaceutical company based in Sunrise, Florida, in the United States of America, directed by professionals with more than four decades dedicated to research and producing allopathic drugs. In 2020 as a result of the Pandemic created by the Coronavirus SARS-2 that has generated COVID-19, the scientific team of BioDose Pharma led by its president Raimundo Santamarta, renowned researcher in the development of pharmaceutical formulas and Bioactive Phytomedicinal Nutraceutical Complexes, in collaboration with a group of professional specialists in different specialties such as; pharmacology, medicine, bioanalysis, microbiology, chemistry and engineering in various specialties, have dedicated enormous amounts of technical and economic efforts to achieve the development and elaboration under the BFS technology that ensures asepsis in the filling and packaging of medicinal and nutraceutical solutions, three complexes formulated based on the active ingredient GLUTATHIONE, a molecule of endogenous intracellular production of the human body, the main and essential antioxidant of the organism, called by the international scientific community as the Master Antioxidant!

The new GlutActive complexes are composed of two products based on Anti-oxidation, Detoxification, Stimulation, and Cellular Energization, they are:

Blue: Works by eliminating toxins such as heavy metals and free radicals to improve cellular respiration.

Green: It Acts as a stimulant of the immune system in cases of infections by viruses and bacteria. Additionally, acts as a regenerator and Cell Protector when under attack with aggressive treatments

We have created these formulas where their ingredients, bioactive agents and natural trace elements, have clinical studies and bibliographic references on the different beneficial actions they exert on cells, thereby supporting cellular function and caring for the immune system, today strongly compromised by the stress, toxin consumptions through food, drugs, and inhalation of reactive chemicals in cosmetics, detergent products, etc.

Our goal is to become the world reference company on developing and commercializing dietary supplements made up of Bioactive Nutraceutical Complexes based on Glutathione, an essential molecule for life, an active principle in our formulations.