Glutactive® Ig


Unleash the power within your cells

GlutActive® Ig

The solution to sleep well and boost your immune system!

Glutactive® Ig is one of the most advanced and efficient alternatives on the market to boost your antibodies and regulate your sleep cycle.

Everything your body needs to get healthier and stronger!

Just one tablet before bedtime will allow you to:

        • Boost your immune system's defense.
        • Significantly improve your sleep.
        • Regulate your sleep cycle.
        • Regenerate your cells.
        • Improve digestive functions.
        • Maintain strong and healthy bones.

    It is a 100% Natural Bioactive Nutraceutical formula that contains Colostrum, L-Cysteine, Melatonin, Resveratrol, and Vitamin D.

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    “I had been looking for a natural product to strengthen my defenses, I think I finally found the right one.”

    Susana Hernández.

    "It gives me a deep sleep immediately"


    “I recommend it, now I sleep all night and wake up rested.”

    Dario Rodríguez.

    “My mom used to get colds very often and we were very worried about the Pandemic. We tried this product and she hasn't had a cold for more than three months now. We believe that it has really helped her to increase her defenses.”

    Nohemí Bracho.

    "I don't wake up so much in the early morning anymore. I'm sleeping much better."

    Lina Molina

    Very good. I recommend it.

    Ramon A.

    Better than I expected, it is no longer challenging for me to fall asleep.

    Andres P.

    He gave me Covid, but I think I had practically no symptoms, thanks to the fact that I was
    taking the Ig.

    Ruben Mendoza

    I have been taking it for 3 months, and I feel that the allergy attacks have diminished notably.

    Juan Pablo Blanco.

    I love it! Finally, something Natural that really lets me rest.

    Jaichell Bratt

    "I bought it for my grandmother, who is no longer complaining at night. Recommended"

    Sofia Arteaga.

    "When I get home from work, I take a glutactive ig tablet. Even when I'm exhausted, I can
    rest much better"

    Virginia Lopez

    Rain was equal to cold. Since I take glutactive I left behind the regular flu.

    Pablo Soares.

    Better impossible!


    I recommend taking glutactive ig at night. The results are 100% effective.

    Pedro Gonzalez.

    "I recommend taking glutactive ig. I take it every night, and the results are 100% effective."

    Pedro Gonzalez.

    I started taking glutactive dorado a month ago, and the results have been incredible.


    Really very good, especially for people with respiratory problems like me who must avoid
    getting infected at all costs.

    Manuel Olivo.

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