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The Impact of Cold on the Spread of Common Cold Viruses

The Impact of Cold on the Spread of Common Cold Viruses


The change of seasons not only brings winter landscapes but also the proliferation of flu and colds. Why do these viruses seem to thrive in colder temperatures? Let's explore how low temperatures affect respiratory viruses and what happens in our immune system during winter.

Respiratory Viruses' Preference for Cold

The common cold and flu, caused by various viruses, find favorable conditions for their spread in colder seasons. But why does the cold benefit these pathogens?

Both the flu and the common cold are caused by viruses like rhinoviruses, which thrive better at lower temperatures. These pathogens find their optimal temperature for replication between 33 and 35 ºC, coinciding with the temperature in the nasal passages and upper respiratory tract. Rhinoviruses, especially abundant, have over a hundred varieties, and their replication capability is boosted by the cold environment, where they find their ideal niche.

Cold Viruses: A Variety of Pathogens

In addition to rhinoviruses, other viruses like respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), parainfluenza virus, some adenoviruses, and certain coronaviruses contribute to the cocktail causing the common cold. Although sharing the name with more well-known variants like SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, these coronaviruses are less harmful.

Immunity and Vulnerability

The most affected population by colds is children and the elderly. Children, with developing immune systems, are more susceptible, while the elderly, due to aging, exhibit weakened defenses. Immunity varies, and while some may experience up to eight colds a year, the severity can differ.

The Role of Cold in Spread

Winter not only brings lower temperatures but also increased congregation in enclosed spaces. This proximity facilitates virus transmission through the air and raises infection chances. During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mandatory use of masks indoors contributed to a significant reduction in the incidence of the common cold.

Supporting the Immune System with GlutActive Green 

Prevention becomes a key strategy to face winter colds. Strengthening the immune system is essential. GlutActive Green stands out as natural support. You can find this immune support in 30 and 60-capsule presentations, ideal for fortifying your defenses during the cold season.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Cold creates a conducive environment for the spread of common cold viruses, taking advantage of optimal temperature conditions. To reduce the risk of winter infections, especially in enclosed environments, strengthening the immune system becomes crucial. GlutActive Green, with its natural support and convenient presentations, can be your ally in the fight against colds.

Remember, GlutActive Green in 30 and 60-capsule presentations is available to support your immune system. Get ready to face winter with strong and effective defenses!

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