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Exercising after 40

Exercising after 40


At any age, physical activity is essential to stay healthy, however it is a fact that as the body gets older it loses many of its capabilities.

After the age of 40, the risk of osteoporosis or arthritis increases significantly, as well as the possibility of cardiovascular problems, in addition to spinal pain and other conditions caused by stress.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that people at this stage incorporate and maintain in their lives the good habit of exercising frequently.


Among the many physical activities that can be performed, the most recommended are:

  • Cardiovascular exercises, such as running, dancing, rowing or swimming. Routines of at least 20 minutes at a time and with a frequency of three to four times a week will help keep your heart and circulatory system in good shape.

  • High-intensity exercises such as dancing, jumping rope and tennis, once or twice a week, help improve bone strength, which decreases the risk of diseases such as osteoporosis.

  • Strength training, such as squats or weight lifting, improves joint endurance and flexibility, and is therefore good for preventing pain and diseases such as arthritis.

  • Anxiety-avoidance exercises such as yoga for better stress management

Although no exercise can stop the passage of time, physical activity guarantees a better quality of life in advanced age.

So go ahead, it's never too late to protect your body! Not only will you be able to prevent many health problems, but they will also help you look and feel better, as well as give your body more energy to face your day to day life.

And if you want to enhance this effect even more, accompany your workouts with GlutActive® Blue, a tablet before exercising will give you more energy and allow you to recover much faster.


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