What is it?

Colostrum is a high-nutrient immune substance that all mammals produce immediately after parturition.
Colostrum, the first food in life, is produced by the mammary gland during the first 72 hours postpartum.
This exceptional milk contains powerful immune and growth factors to ensure the survival and health of the newborn. Newborns who receive colostrum in the first hours of life have a greater chance of survival.
As time goes by, growth and immune factors in our body decline after puberty or illness. This is why colostrum has been proven in numerous scientific tests to help replace some vital immune system components. Only bovine colostrum from dairy cows is safe and biologically compatible with humans.


  • Strengthens the immune system,
  • Promotes the formation and maintenance of antibodies.
  • Acts on cell metabolism,
  • Acts on the metabolism of cartilage, tendons, and joints and recovers them faster from an injury.
  • Helps the body to protect itself against viral diseases better.
  • Colostrum contains nutritional factors that help slow the aging process.

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