It is normal that once in a while you overindulge in eating or drinking, especially when we celebrate and share special moments, such as Christmas, birthdays, graduations, your favorite party…

There are many occasions when your body will ask you to help it restore its balance, either by weight gain or by the amount of toxins that accumulated in your cells due to excesses, either processed food, junk food, sweets or alcoholic beverages consumption.

Therefore, regardless of the amount, it is advisable to start by detoxifying the body, since these toxins not only interfere in the proper functioning of the body, but also prevent you from eliminating the accumulated fat. 

Once you detoxify your body, it will be much more efficient diets or physical activity necessary to lose weight, if this is your desire.

However, the most important thing is that this process is done constantly to protect your body and prevent new toxins from interfering with your progress.  

You must also nourish your cells properly to keep your body in balance, especially with phytonutrients with antioxidant action to also neutralize free radicals, which as you know can accelerate aging and cause dysfunction and many diseases.

You can do all this with the advanced GlutActive® Blue formula in an easy and effective way, with just one chewable tablet daily.


A tablet that in addition to detoxifying your cells, will allow you to fight radicals and obtain many other wonderful benefits.



What are you waiting for to restore your body's balance?