Prevent Osteoporosis!

Did you know that as you age, your risk of developing osteoporosis increases?

Osteoporosis is a disease that mainly affects women and causes a significant loss of bone density, increasing the risk of fractures in the spine, hips, legs, and wrists.

Its incidence is approximately 15% in women aged 50-59 years. However, the most concerning thing is that this incidence is progressive, reaching 80% of women over 80 years old.

That's why osteoporosis is currently a real public health problem!

Although anyone can suffer from osteoporosis (men and women), in addition to age, there are other risk factors such as very low weight, genetic inheritance, lack of physical activity, smoking, prolonged use of steroids or anti-seizure medications.

However, the most significant factor for the development of osteoporosis is the uncontrolled increase of free radicals, since oxidative stress promotes the accelerated wear and tear of bone tissue.

Therefore, in addition to necessary lifestyle adjustments, the consumption of antioxidants is highly recommended to improve bone mineral density and reduce the risk of fractures due to bone fragility.

In this sense, GlutActive® Blue is a fabulous osteoprotector, due to its powerful combination of antioxidants that help maintain and improve the functioning of osteoblasts (cells responsible for the development and growth of bones), undoubtedly delaying the loss of bone density.

With GlutActive® Blue, you can help prevent osteoporosis and many other diseases!