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Oxidative stress and rheumatoid arthritis.

Oxidative stress and rheumatoid arthritis.


Pain, inflammation, stiffness and loss of joint function are some of the symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis. A disease that can develop during middle age, with greater impact on the population over 65 years of age, more common in women than in men.

Although its specific causes are still unknown, it is known to result from the immune system attacking joint tissues, especially in the wrists and fingers. It can even damage various body systems, such as the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and blood vessels.

As for its progression, as in most diseases, oxidative stress has been found to accelerate the progression of arthritis.

The good news is that numerous studies support that increased Glutathione values reduce cartilage degradation and inflammation markers detected in arthritis.

In this regard, our advanced GlutActive® Blue formula has proven to be a very effective alternative to prevent further damage from rheumatoid arthritis, with short-term results!


GlutActive® Blue is the only nutraceutical complex that guarantees the optimization of glutathione levels by two ways, exogenous because it contains the active ingredient and endogenous because it contains an intracellular precursor L- Cysteine.

Its antioxidant effect is highly potentiated, due to its novel phytotechnology that allows to synergistically combine its other ingredients: Resveratrol, Acerola, Selenium and Zinc.

Which will certainly help you reduce the damage at the cellular level that aggravates arthritis conditions!

And best of all, besides helping you to neutralize free radicals, it will allow you to

  • Regulating cellular function

  • Slow down the aging process

  • Regulating the immune system response.

  • Increase your energy

What are you waiting for? You're just one click away from enjoying all these benefits

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