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My Greatest Wish: Sleep at night and be active during the day.

My Greatest Wish: Sleep at night and be active during the day.


Did you know that a third of US adults report getting less than 7 hours of sleep in 24 hours?

Unfortunately, we live in a time when it is increasingly common for people to have sleep disorders.

Although stress is the best-known cause of these disorders, we must pay close attention to excess light exposure. This is because night shifts, artificial light, computers, LEDs, mobile phones, etc., can cause alterations in your body's circadian rhythm.

Sleep disorders due to circadian rhythm disturbances are generated when the internal sleep-wake schedule of your internal biological clock is not synchronized with the Earth’s Day and night cycle.

When the circadian rhythm is in balance, the body naturally transitions between wakefulness and sleep through a mechanism activated by light stimulation.


What happens in your body? 

Under normal conditions, at sundown, your body should increase peripheral body temperature and start secreting a hormone called Melatonin, produced by the pineal gland. 

If your body is balanced, you will begin to feel drowsy, and your sleep cycle starts so that you can rest during the night. When exposed to light in the morning, melatonin levels will begin to decrease so that you wake up and start your day with the highest state of alertness.

So, you may wonder: why is it so difficult for me to fall asleep and rest?

This may be because your body, for some reason, has inhibited its ability to produce and regulate Melatonin levels, the hormone responsible for giving you the pleasant sleep you deserve.

Maybe for some, this is a simple problem that they have learned to live with, but in reality, it is a severe problem; your body needs good sleep, in quantity and quality!


I want to activate my rest and energy with GlutActive ®


Did you know that while you sleep, your brain gets rid of neural products that accumulate when you are awake, such as beta-amyloid protein, which is responsible for Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders?

Also, that lack of sleep generates immunological, metabolic, and psychological alterations, such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, anxiety, and depression.

The medical community is right to insist on the importance of getting a good night's sleep!

It is almost impossible to be alert when awake if you feel tired or sleepy! Without a doubt, you will have difficulties concentrating, thinking clearly, and doing your usual activities with motivation and energy; in addition, lack of sleep produces general discomfort and irritability.

Then, what can you do when facing an excruciating effort to sleep and rest or stay awake and active?


I want to activate my rest and energy with GlutActive®.


Before resorting to drugs, the ideal is to try a natural and efficient alternative.

With this in mind, we have created our GlutActive® Daily Care Set promotion, where we suggest you try our perfect combination: GlutActive® Blue + GlutActive® Ig, which will allow you to activate your energy during the day and rest at night.

Taking just one tablet of GlutActive® Blue when you wake up will allow you to have all the energy you need to perform your routines. Thanks to its advanced formulation of Glutathione, L-Cysteine, and other natural components, your body will achieve the vitality you deserve while detoxifying and slowing down aging.


And to sleep and rest?


A GlutActive® Ig tablet before going to bed. Its formula with Colostrum, Melatonin, and other phytonutrients will help you sleep peacefully and boost your immune system, reducing the risk of getting sick. This is thanks to its proper dose of melatonin, which allows you to regulate your sleep cycle, favoring rest, without the drowsiness of sleeping pills.

Incredible? Well, now it's possible if you take advantage of our promotion and try the perfect combination of the GlutActive® Daily Care Set.


Click and start today to activate your energy and rest.


I want to activate proper rest and energy with GlutActive®.


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