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Glutathione and Alzheimer's Disease

Glutathione and Alzheimer's Disease


Alzheimer's disease is considered the leading cause of dementia and the fourth leading cause of death in developed countries (Pappolla, 2000).
It is characterized in its typical form by a loss of immediate memory and other mental abilities (such as higher cognitive abilities), as nerve cells (neurons) die and different areas of the brain atrophy.

From the etiological point of view it is a multifactorial pathological entity, where oxidative stress plays an important role. The deposition of the b-amyloid protein induces a local inflammatory response and the activation of the microglia, this activity is directly associated with the neuronal damage process as it is a great source of oxygen free radicals, contributing to increase oxidative stress and its effects neurodegenerative

There are several protection systems in the cell that prevent the excessive increase of reactive species, among which is Reduced Glutathione. GlutActive® Green Dose is a Bioactive Nutraceutical Complex composed of:

Glutathione (A tripeptide made up of Cysteine, Glycine and Glutamic Acid): Reduced glutathione (an antioxidant capable of preventing damage to cellular components) is a protective agent against the most important neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Vitamin C from Acerola Extract : vitamin necessary for normal growth and development of the body and plays a crucial role in cognitive function.
Zinc: alterations in the balance of this mineral in neurons is one of the main causes of this disease.

Astragalus : The active components of astragalus reduce cognitive deficits in Alzheimer's disease and exert a neuroprotective effect.

Elderberry: Elderberry anthocyanins have potential to be used in mitochondria-targeted formulations to modulate the pathophysiological changes underlying AD from their early stages.

Resveratrol: has a neuroprotective effector in Alzheimer's disease by behaving like adenosine, which is altered in Alzheimer's disease, mitigating symptoms.

Cysteine: Intracellular precursor of Glutathione

Echinacea: Immune System Enhancer

Nature 3 Carbinol: inhibits the accumulation of amyloid B protein in neurons, the main cause of Alzheimer's disease

Sulforaphane: inhibits the generation and accumulation of beta amyloid and helps alleviate numerous pathological changes associated with this disease, including oxidative stress and neuroinflammation.

PQQ ( pyrroloquinoline quinone) : is an antioxidant nutrient and mitochondrial activator.

Saikosaponins: Natural compound that inhibits the secretion of beta amyloid proteins

This formula turns GlutActive® Green into a powerful antioxidant that helps regulate the functioning of the Immune System and also has a high detoxifying capacity.

The main component of GlutActive® Green is L-Glutathione Setria®, which is structurally similar to the Glutathione that is produced inside most cells in the body, and has been shown to:

  • Raises glutathione levels in the blood: Taking 1000mg / day of L-Glutathione Setria® has been shown to increase whole blood by 30%, red blood cells by 35%, and glutathione levels in oral cells by 260%. GlutActive® Green must be kept for 25-30 seconds in the oral cavity for proper absorption through the oral mucosa.
  • It is a safe product: The safety of glutathione supplementation has been repeatedly demonstrated in studies in which participants ingested 1000 mg, or ten times the recommended dose of Setria®, of glutathione per day. Additionally, no type of drug interaction has been reported.
  • Quick and convenient administration: GlutActive® Green developed in solid and liquid presentation, comes in 15mL ampoules and chewable tablets, ready for administration, without the need for preparation and in exact doses.

One Ampoule or one tablet of GlutActive® Green every 12 hours, helps to avoid neurotoxicity and premature aging of neurons, thus delaying the evolution of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, achieving a clinical improvement of symptoms and becoming a EXCELLENT NEUROPROTECTOR.

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