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GlutActive® 5 vs. Radicales Libres 0

GlutActive® 5 vs. Radicales Libres 0


Currently, "the high level of stress" and the excessive need to stay alert have produced a new issue that ineluctably keeps us with a constant level of cortisol, which results in the formation of more free radicals than the body can naturally neutralize.

In addition to causing premature aging and a lack of energy, this unchecked rise in free radicals in the body also hastens the onset of many ailments that today's active population experiences, including diabetes, fibromyalgia, and cardiac deficits.

To which we must add the progressive weakening of the immune system, not only by the presence of these free radicals but also by poor nutrition, which is why the human being is increasingly vulnerable to attack by viruses and bacteria.

For this reason, the GlutActive ® team has prepared the best defense, creating the best bioactive nutraceutical complexes based on Glutathione, L-Cysteine and other phytonutrients, and the best absorption technology to help the body neutralize free radicals, both to protect cellular function and to delay aging, improve energy levels and enhance the immune response.

Our results show that we have scored several points in your favor:


1. Best Absorption

The only chewable tablets on the market with bioadhesion technology, which allows the components to be absorbed through the oral mucosa, so that the active ingredients pass much faster into the bloodstream, improving their bioavailability. Better than liquid presentations!

2. Dual Effect

When it comes to maintaining Glutathione levels, nothing is more effective than the dual effect of GlutActive®. Not only does it allow you to exogenously consume the active ingredient to restore levels immediately, but thanks to the fact that it contains its main precursor L-Cysteine, the cells can endogenously produce Glutathione inside themselves, thus maintaining levels over time.

3. The most effective components.

Each component of GlutActive® formulas has been evaluated and selected based on reliable scientific evidence that demonstrates its high effectiveness in improving various conditions. In addition, we are guided by the highest standards of quality control, which requires our suppliers to supply premium products with a high degree of purity. This ensures that each component has the highest potency to obtain visible results in a short period of time.

4. Greater Benefits

Our formulas offer the greatest benefits, not only because of their quality, effectiveness and better absorption capacity, but also because their advanced formula has achieved the synergistic combination of all the components. We have managed to compress in a single chewable tablet all its benefits achieving a powerful antioxidant, anti-aging, detoxifying and cellular restoration effect. In addition to other benefits such as the improvement of cognitive and motor functions, cardiovascular and hepatic functions, as well as the optimization of the immune response.

5. Zero Policy In addition to using 100% natural products.

We have a policy of "ZERO" ingredients that may cause problems for people with allergies or certain sensitivities. Therefore, all our formulas are:

Zero sugar | Zero gluten | Zero dairy | Zero soy | Zero substances of animal origin (Vegan)

There is a GlutActive® solution, whatever your need:  


GlutActive ® Blue: to activate energy, detoxify, fight cellular aging, enhance cognitive and motor skills, improve skin appearance and whole body functions from cellular health




GlutActive ® Ig: to improve the immune system response and have greater protection against viruses and bacteria, improve the sleep cycle, enhance the neutralization of free radicals and promote the processes of balance and regulation of the body during rest.

GlutActive ® Green: to protect healthy cells from damage caused by aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, improve the immune response to avoid contagions and infections during recovery processes, induce the restoration of organic functions, avoid fatigue and extreme tiredness generated by some treatments and diseases.

Be part of the winning team!

Unleash the power of your cells and score wellness points with GlutActive ® winning formulas.

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