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Exploring the Wonders of PQQ for Your Well-being

Exploring the Wonders of PQQ for Your Well-being


PQQ, or Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, has emerged as an intriguing compound with notable properties. Discover what it is, how it works, and the qualities that make it a promising element for health.

Unraveling the Mystery of PQQ 

Identified in 1979 and subsequently studied in animals in 2003 in Japan, PQQ has revealed its presence in plant-based foods like green tea and kiwi. This compound, crucial for animal fertility, is found in breast milk and in "natto," a spicy Japanese dish made with soybeans. Although mammals cannot synthesize it, the diet, especially with probiotics, becomes essential to maintain adequate levels.

The Power of PQQ in the Mitochondria

PQQ has shown benefits in energy production at the mitochondrial level, especially in organs like the brain and heart. Its ability to stimulate "mitochondrial biogenesis" suggests a potential positive impact on longevity and energy levels, factors affected by aging.

Protective Properties of PQQ 

PQQ not only acts as an effective antioxidant against free radicals but also provides protection against brain degeneration, diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and heart damage associated with mitochondrial function. Its positive action on cognitive function and protection against chronic oxidative stress highlights its versatility.

Multiple Benefits of PQQ 

The wealth of benefits of PQQ extends to areas such as improving insulin function and metabolism, reducing LDL cholesterol, and decreasing cortisol levels. This compound shows favorable actions in reducing the probability of strokes, protecting against beta-amyloid protein related to Alzheimer's, and supporting fertility.

Enhance Your Well-being with PQQ and GlutActive Green 

PQQ, with its spectrum of benefits, stands out as a crucial component for mitochondrial and cognitive health. If you're looking to support your well-being comprehensively, consider including GlutActive Green in your daily routine. Discover the synergy of these elements for a life filled with health and vitality.

Secure your well-being with PQQ and boost your immune system with GlutActive Green! Find these solutions in 30 and 60 tablet presentations, designed to suit your needs.

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